HNR's ASCA Australian Shepherd Stud
"Dally" is Frazier's mom
Sire: Click to zoom
Twin Oaks Little Claw
DNAvp, OTD-csd

Sire: WTCH Windsong's
Falcon DNAcp RTDcs HOF

Dam: WTCH The Sting of
Twin Oaks DNAvp HOF
Australian Shepherd Stud Dog  - Born 5/31/07

"Frazier" Stud Fee $300

Frazier is a merle. He is out of  the last litter by Twin Oaks
Little Claw, Dally is his mother.
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Sires site
Twin Oaks
These are breed to be working dogs or agility dogs. He is
very smart and like his mother and very good natured.
Very loveable & Good around children.
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