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Alyssa Moreland - Starting beginner riders and fixing problem horses

California barrel racing to starting Gymkhana horses, Alyssa Moreland has a the ability to work with riders that have
limited experience and problem horses.

Alyssa has grown up on the West Coast, working ranch horses and started showing western pleasure and English
horses and competing at local play days. She then went on to compete in barrel racing's at rodeos. Progressing to
barrel racing competitions at junior rodeos, queen competition events. Currently  she competes at the 4D barrel
events, is training barrel futurity horses and re-schooling problem horses and working with youth qualifying horses.
Alyssa Moreland, has is well respected in the California State Horsemans Association, CSHA.

She has worked hard to learn to train and start horses from scratch and is now working with and training horse
competitors including children to help their dreams come true. Alyssa has many horse championships under her
belt including winning CSHA division 1 and division 2 and in the top 5 at CSHA California State Finals, and in the
top 3 at the California State Fair and Winning the 2007 Keep The Dream Alieve event . She has worked for top
reining horse trainers in California including Ted Butler of Ted Butler Performance Horses.

As a horse trainer Alyssa is always teaching the principles necessary not only to win, but also keeping riders
performing at their best. Alyssa has helped some of the CSHA Region 3 youth competitors to become champions.  
She works with many breeds of horses and ponies including AQHA American Quarter Horses, APHA American
Paint Horses, Throughbreds, Appendix Horse,  Pony Club of America horses and Wild Mustangs.
Alyssa enjoys working with horses. This includes sensitizing and training horses for extreme trail rides and
Alyssa has horses and riders training and taking lessons from West Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Capay, and
Dixon areas.  Visit her horse
photo gallery  She has great affordable western horse back riding lessons and rates.

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Alyssa Moreland Horse Training & Horseback Riding Lessons
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